Meet Our Staff

Dr. Harper's Staff ImageOur experienced staff has over two decades of contiguous service in our office, and takes great pride in answering your questions regarding scheduling, coordinating appointments with other service providers, obtaining pre-authorization from your insurance carrier for services needed, and answering clearly your questions about your account. Our business manager and scheduling coordinator act as patient advocates, and help the business transaction parts of your treatment to go smoothly. They have worked with virtually all dental and medical insurance companies in our area, and will also work with patients who are personally responsible for their bills.

Our Implant Coordinator manages the patient through the initial consultation, directly working with your restorative dentist or denturist about the details of your case, and takes a great deal of the patient’s stress away by handling many of the details that leads to the success of our treatment plans.

Dr. Harper's Staff ImageThe surgical staff in our office are experienced, certified oral and maxillofacial surgical assistants, who assist in administration of IV sedation and surgery. All staff are CPR certified and trained in basic life support techniques. Our surgical team is responsible for the preparation of the specific surgical instruments, their sterilization, the preparation of the operating area, and directly assisting Dr. Harper in your surgical treatment. You can be assured of the team you have chosen to be the best prepared professionals in our area, because of the high standards we have assumed and routinely follow.

Our state of the art surgical office is located in Eugene, Oregon. We designed it to incorporate easy access, ground level proximal parking, and contemporary creature comforts, but beneath the clean exterior, our facility has all the safety and emergency care capabilities that our patients expect. Your family member’s care will be electronically monitored, supervised by our experienced staff, utilizing the most up-to-date equipment. The procedures selected by you and Dr. Harper have met the standards of care set forth and approved by State and Federal Healthcare Regulatory Agencies. We take a great deal of pride that our services, and the caring manner in which you will be treated, will merit your satisfaction.