Pre-Surgical Instructions

For patients undergoing IV sedation anesthesia.

imageIt is absolutely necessary that you DO NOT EAT OR DRINK anything (food or liquid) for at least six (6) hours prior to your scheduled surgery appointment. (Aspiration of solid food or liquid could be life threatening.)

You must not smoke any form of tobacco or have alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to your surgery appointment.

You must have a responsible adult with you for your appointment to provide your safe transportation to and from the office. Please let this person know that they should plan on remaining in the waiting room during the length of your surgery. After surgery Dr. Harper or his staff will review all home care instructions with your driver.

Follow Dr. Harper’s specific instructions regarding medications and wear comfortable clothing with short sleeves, ladies are advised to not wear earrings or jewelry.

We ask that all recovery supplies and nutritional supplements be picked up prior to surgery so the patient can go directly home after surgery. Prescriptions for home use will either be issued on the day of surgery, or phoned directly to a pharmacy for your pick-up.